Date : 2012/04/03
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Subject CM Seoul Forum and Global CM Contest Report
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  ConsMa 2012 International CM Day Celebration  
  CM Seoul Forum and Global CM Contest Report  

CMAK, sponsored by Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and National Assembly CM Forum co-hosted [ConsMa 2012 International CM Day Celebrations, CM Seoul Forum and Global CM Contest] with Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), Construction Management Association of Japan (CMAJ), Construction Management Association of Spain and International Project Management Association (IPMA) from 11th March to 13th March at the the Grand Hall of the Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industries located in Jung-Gu Namdaemunro.

The event, with a slogan ¡°CM is a Necessity, Not an Option¡± was attended by representatives from the 6 associations and 400 attendees. The ConsMa 2012 was a celebratory event to commemorate the 2nd International CM Day and to boost the morale of everyone in the construction industry. The event provided an opportunity to look closely at development trends in the construction industry with focus on the role of CM as a growth engine for the future of the construction industry. At the Global CM Contest, outstanding CM case studies were selected and presented at the event and shared with the rest of the world and played a major role in highlighting the importance of CM

The main events included the Welcome Reception on the first day, Sunday 11th March, attended by local and overseas guests from the CM industry. The Welcome Reception provided an opportunity for the guests to promote mutual exchanges of cooperation and good will.

On the second day, the event started with the Opening Ceremony starting with the tape cutting of the CM Photo Exhibition and the Opening Speech by Chairman Bae of CMAK followed by 6 keynote speeches by representatives from 5 CM related associations around the world and by the former Minister of Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Mr Jong Hwan Chung.

The morning session started off with a presentation by Mr Michael Brown, the Deputy Chief Executive of CIOB on the theme of ¡®Definition of CM and its Position in the Global World¡¯ followed by a presentation by Mr Manuel Cavada, the President of CMAS with a theme of ¡®Present & Future of CM in Spain & Latin America¡¯.

The afternoon session saw a presentation by Mr Fusanobu Ok, the Chairman of CMAJ with a theme ¡°CM in Japan¡± In Pursuit of Further Safety, Security and Competitiveness¡¯, followed by a presentation by Mr Mladen Radujkovic, the Vice President of IPMA on the topic of ¡°Risk Management for Large Project : A Gate Model¡¯. Following a short coffee break, there were 2 presentations, firstly by Mr Robert Bennett, the Director of CMAA with a theme ¡®Status and Issues of CM in the US¡¯ followed by Mr Jong Hwan Chung, the former Minister of MLTM on the topic of ¡°For Construction Industry to Move One Step Forward¡¯ and thus it was with these 6 presentations which gave a one sweeping overview of the global trends in CM, that CM Seoul Forum concluded.

On the 3rd day of the event, the Global CM Contest took place where there were 9 CM case study presentations. The first CM case study of ¡®Program Management System for Mega project¡¯ was presented by Professor Chang Tack Hyun of The University of Seoul, followed by Spanish case study ¡®Solar Decathlon Europe / 1o Actions : Towards Energy Efficient Buildings¡¯ presented by Professor Sergio Vega of Technical University of Madrid. The third case study presentation of the morning session was by Mr Sung Tae Park, a director of Gansam Architects & Partners Co., Ltd on ¡®Construction Management for Hyundai Department Store, Daegu Branch¡¯.

After lunch, the CM case study presentations continued with ¡®CM for Sejong Center – Arts Groups Building Extension Work Remodeling of Underground Parking Lots¡¯ presented by Mr Jin Gab Yoon, the Managing Director of Junglim Architcture followed by the Vice President of CH2M Hill, Mr Chris Williams¡¯ CM case study presentation  on ¡®Water and Wastewater Master Plan Capital Improvement Program¡¯ followed by Mr Gu Jung Jung, the Executive Director of Kunwon Architects & Engineers Corporation on ¡®CM Service for Three-dimensional Irregular-shamed Buildings¡¯. After a short coffee break, the CM case study presentation continued with a presentation by Mr Yu Gil Kim, the CEO of Sangah Management Consulting Co. Ltd on ¡®Total IT Solution for CM : Smart PMIS¡¯ followed by Mr Hidehito Kawahara, the Executive Managing Director of Yamashita PM Consultants on ¡°Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Shonan Research Center Project¡¯. The last CM case study presentation, titled ¡®CM Project for Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Post Graduate Course and New Age Energy Research Center¡¯ was presented by Mr Hyeon Chung Jang, the Director of Universe Top Engineering Architects Co. Ltd.

Following the presentations of the CM case studies, the closing ceremony followed with an awards ceremony for those who have made major contribution towards the development of CM. Dong-Il Engineering was awarded the Medalla Industria, Geoseong Architects and Younghwa Keystone were awarded the Presidential Citation, and the Prime Minister Citation were awarded to Jeonin CM Inc and Junglim Architecture. The MLTM awards went to Kunwon Architects & Engineers Corp, Samoo Architects, Sunjin Engineering, Dae Heung Engineering, ITM Corporation, Heerim Architects & Planners Co. Ltd Sun Engineering, Korea Construction Management Corporation, Shinhwa Engineering, and Gansam Architects & Partners Co., Ltd..

The grand prize for the Global CM Contest was awarded to Universe Top Engineering, outstanding prizes to Gansam Architects & Partners Co., Ltd, Junglim Architecture and Yamashita PM Consultants Inc, and encouragement awards to Kunwon Engineering, Samoo Architects and Parsons Brinckerhoff Korea.

The 3 day event ended with congratulatory messages from local and overseas dignitaries followed by the closing speech by the Chairman of CMAK, Mr Yung Hwi Bae.

The presentations by overseas delegates provided an excellent opportunity to gauge the current status of CM in Korea which has been riddled with confusion and contention and share CM related knowledge from around the world, contributing greatly to the development of CM and the construction industry.